My blog is an outlet for information and discussion on health, fitness, nutrition, beauty, training and more..  It is ME, Celeste Turner, an aspiring 50 -year -old mom, certified personal trainer, nationally-ranked fitness competitor, contributing writer for local publications ( like Where Y'at Magazine) and now, a part-time blogger. I was born in the city that care forgot (New Orleans), the birthplace of jazz and the home of the biggest costume party in the world, Mardi Gras. This is the place where there are no curfews, daiquiris are sold on the corner like snowballs and a mudbug is considered a delicacy. There are famous  festivals centered around music and food, like the French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest or Voodoo Fest, or mainly, focused on food like Pontchatoula Strawberry Festival, Kingcake Festival, and Hogs for Cause. The list is endless for places to go, new restaurants to try, special events to attend and bountiful FUN.

I grew up in New Orleans, graduated from an all-girl Catholic High School with honors and then, decided to go away to Milwaukee, WI for college, studying print journalism. After two years in the extreme cold conditions of Wisconsin, I returned to New Orleans and graduated from Loyola University with a baccalaureate degree in journalism. During these college years, I started teaching aerobic classes, including step, low-impact, toning, aqua, high-impact, etc... I discovered that I could teach exercise, get paid and do what I love.

Following graduation, I went to live in Holland with my friend, Monica, and worked for a sports marketing group, Mulder Sport. Two and a half years passed, I had already picked up more classes, particularly step aerobics, as well as, hosting seminars to instruct other European exercise instructors. This was an experience of a lifetime!

Realizing my true passion for fitness, I returned to New Orleans, once again, and began attending graduate school in exercise physiology. The next three years were spent studying, writing papers and developing a business model for personal training.

After graduating with a master's degree, I poured everything in a personal training business in New Orleans, got married and eventually, had a daughter. Although the marriage didn't last, my thirst for my personal fitness while in business became a life endeavor. My extra time was either spent with my beautiful daughter or training for the next fitness contest. At this time, I learned more about how to eat, how to train and how to diet than in any textbook, or seminar. I competed in the NPC, National Physique Committee organization for nearly 8 years, and placed third at Nationals in Miami in 2004.

One year later, while preparing for Nationals in Chicago, Hurricane Katrina hit our thriving town, and destroyed everything. A couple of days passed and I remember watching on the television the camera crew was filming the area which was covered in water demolishing my house, my car, all of my belongings, even my place of employment.

Nine months passed and we returned to New Orleans, our home, to rebuild and recover. During that year, I encountered many challenges, including a new job, new place to live and a renewed romantic interest, Jeff, my present and supportive husband, a previous body builder and current personal trainer.

With his encouragement and my strong desire to increase my fitness level every year, I have competed since 2007 in a two-day contest called Tri-Fitness which incorporates the grace & physique (bathing suit & heels) and two-minute fitness routine, but also includes two obstacle courses, and fitness skills (box jumps, bench press and shuttle run). It is tough!

So, this year I am turning 50!! Still competing in the 2016  Tri-Fitness World Challenge on June 10-11 in Tampa, FL. And of course, I want to WIN ... IF I succeed at pushing my limits, I know I can achieve my SUCCESS.

Accept the challenges so that YOU can feel the exhilaration of victory
— George S. Patton