CutFit: Challenge Yourself Today for Improving Tomorrow

Don’t settle on the same workout, the same machine, the same pair of athletic shoes for every workout. Challenge yourself to try something new like interval training, outdoor sprints, and a new pair of running shoes. This year is your year to be CutFit!


Baseline Fitness Assessment

To kick off a new fitness program,  I always start with a baseline fitness assessment, including body fat, circumference inches, waist-hip ratio and scale weight. Although an initial fitness assessment may be a little awkward and uncomfortable at first, the follow-up measurements can be a huge motivation to see after 4 weeks.


Personalized Workout Plan based on your fitness goals

Whether you are looking for weight loss, strength gains, or performance goals, the need to intentionally schedule your exercise and vary your workouts is essential in sticking to a new fitness program. I often remind my team that “Consistency is KEY.”


Sample meal plans tailored to your individual needs

If weight loss is your goal, then keeping a food journal and submitting weekly weigh-ins will help me create a personalized meal plan for you. Diet orientation and explanation is provided along the way.

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