Chalk Talk about Contest Training

Yesterday, I practiced routine, 1minute and 44 seconds of sheer agony and extreme intense physical exertion, or should I refer to that practice as PAIN. My legs were so heavy and my body, lethargic, unlike my normal powerful blast of energy. What is wrong? Where is the explosiveness and strength? I ran though the routine two times by the hardest AND question what am I missing? I already have concluded that I need to consume fish oils whether it is eating salmon or taking supplements. However, that does not explain the lack of energy and physical endurance, which leads me to believe there is an element missing from this formula.  My husband, Jeff, seems to think I am missing an "UP" day which means a high-carbohydrate day. My diet has been so restrictive with less than 1,000 calories per day and carbohydrates maintained at 50 grams per day. But, starting today, I have one "UP" day of 150 grams of carbs and the following days will be varied cycle of 13-75 grams of carbohydrates depending upon the day. Will this improve my energy level and my recovery? Time will tell ...tomorrow I tackle the obstacle course, bench press and shuttle run. Perhaps, I will be able to begin training the 50 BOX Jumps that I dread so much. Time will tell...

tri-fitness trainin2.jpg

Box Jumps

50 X's for Time

Rest of obstacle course in Denham Springs