Prep for 2018 TriFitness Competition (Tampa, Fl)

This is a picture of the only meal I had eaten in approximately 56 hours in preparation for the weigh-in. In that period of time, more than two full days, I estimated that I drank 30 ounces of liquid, at the very most. This was an extreme form of depletion (only suited for those with discipline and determination)


Weigh-in was at 9:30 am, and unfortunately, I missed my goal. Official weight : 142 lbs

(My goal weight was: 137.9 lbs) I was out of time and out of fluids (DRY!) so, my bench weight is 85# for 50 reps. That will be the first challenge in this contest : scheduled tomorrow (Friday, June 1) at 10 am. I'll keep updating the blog as the contest goes on .. Keep checking back on my blog if you would like to see the struggles and victories of an athlete who is participating in the most difficult, yet exciting endurance and strength event for anyone, even you!

Rocked the Bench Press

How Sweet Thou is?

How Sweet Thou is?