Boundaries Broken for CelesteFit

Boundaries Broken for CelesteFit

CelesteFit Adventure Trip begins with an excursion to Sedona National Park which is about 77.3 miles or about an hour and 40 minute drive. Our first stop the Devil’s Bridge Trail which is about 4.2 mile out and back which features beautiful wild flowers and the largest natural sandstone arch of the Coconino National Forest. Although the challenge level of this trail is considered moderate, it is a steep hike to the top of the arch with some very steep natural stone steps and no handrails. For me, the hike was enjoyable until we reached the incredible natural stone Devil’s Bridge. On the bridge, you could sit in solace with others who had explored the ominous single arch. However, my fear of heights crept in and I did not venture out on the ledge. Totally worth the extra 1 hour drive from Flagstaff and unforgettable experience of peace in Sedona.

Devil's Bridge

Our next day, the journey begins at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Located in northern Arizona, this geological phenomena encompasses 277 miles of the Colorado River and adjacent uplands. In addition to its size, the unique combination of color and dazzling erosional landscape provides a powerful and inspiring backdrop at the South Rim which is overwhelming and jaw-dropping. Without realizing the impact of the windy and cold temperatures, the Bright Angel Trail was our initial plan of action. Designated as an extremely challenging trail,  Celestefit team was prepared with our thermal layers of clothing and microblades for the icy conditions. First stop was the 1.5 - mile hike descent to the Resthouse. However, as we started to go down the narro, steep edge, the elevation change and ice/slush pathway affected our progress. Again, fear swayed my determination and we returned to the top of the trailhead which is about 6,785 feet above elevation. So, we opted for the South Rim Trail which still offered breathtaking views and snockpacked, icy footpaths. The Rim Trail starts near the Kolb Studio in the village area and continues for approximately 12 miles to its final destination, Hermits Rest.  We jumped on the shuttle to Hopi House and hiked nearly 4 miles to Hermits Rest. This hike was submerged with spectacular viewpoints and ample photo opportunities of this geologic wonder. One item to note: Take a moment to breathe in the pine and sagebrush scented air… it is refreshing!

Following a day of wet, snowy weather, I was able to experience the Tree Top Adventure Course at Flagstaff Extreme, set in the tall Ponderosa Pines. The exhilaration of exploring the outdoors suspended between trees at 15 to 60 feet off the ground satisfied my adrenaline demands.  

After a quick demo course, I embarked on the first circuit of approximately 10-17 obstacles on the green course, which was designated as minimal elevation/skill. The obstacles range from rope swings, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and suspended boards. Moving through each element, I felt more and more confident which led me to the silver course. The silver course was coded medium elevation/skill with added difficult elements like cable ladders and tent obstacles. This truly tested my balance and worked my core! After completing the silver course with ease, I moved to the blue course. The elevation and skill of the blue course was challenging, including swinging on ropes and climbing to the tops of the trees. Again, balance was an issue when crossing the wobbly bridges and stepping across a thin wire, while suspended about 35 feet in the air. As the journey continued, the obstacles and elevation became progressively difficult… I finished up with the long zip line to complete the blue course. While playing nearly two hours in the trees, I want to eventually go back Flagstaff Extreme and attempt the red/black course which are shorter in length but, extremely advanced in elevation and skill.


Following the adventure trip in the trees, CelesteFit re-loaded at the Outback Restaurant with a healthy combination of protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Pictured below is an 8-oz grilled chicken breast, plain sweet potato and steamed broccoli, fuel for the afternoon hike.

Hearty Lunch at Outback Restaurant (Flagstaff, Arizona)

Our day continued with a short 10-minute drive to Elden Lookout Trail, located near Flagstaff. Recognized as a difficult trail, Elden Lookout Trail is a 4.7 mile out and back trail with elevation change at 2,391 feet. At the bottom of the trailhead, the snow had melted, but as we ascended, the trail was slick, muddy and at times, icy.


Elden Lookout Trail

4.7 miles distance 2392 elevation gain

We actually hiked a little past the Lookout Trail until deep snow covered the footpath, making it difficult without microblades. However, the views were awe-inspiring with bright blue skies and pine wilderness scenery. The descent was surprisingly challenging in a technical way because we stepped around icy paths, loose stones and windy conditions. But, it was beautiful!! We ended up catching the Fat Man’s Loop which added another 1.5 mile to our hike. Legs were fatigued but, the combination of the 2500-foot incline trails totaled almost a seven - mile hike for the day!

Top of the Elden Lookout Trail

Top of the Elden Lookout Trail

After a full day of exploration, fitness and fun, CelesteFit returned to the hotel for a dip in the hot tub (15 minutes) and ice bath (10 minutes). What a whirlwind of a vacation! But, it’s not over yet. The next day, we drove toward Las Vegas and stopped at  Hoover Dam. Temperatures went from a chilly 32 degrees in Flagstaff, Arizona to warm 68 degrees in Las Vegas. Located about 30 miles from Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam stands as a 700-hundred-foot-tall concrete arch-gravity dam and is an incredible example of modern engineering.

Stay tuned for future expeditions with CelesteFiT

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