Celeste's "Mack-Daddy" Sweet Potato Pancake

Sweet Potatoe pancake & Celeste's "Crack" Coffee Recipe:

1 small cooked sweet potato (mashed)

6 egg whites

1/8 c water

1/4 c   quick organic oatmeal

Dash of cinnamon

(Option: add one scoop of Whey protein/ add one scoop of PB2 )

Mix all ingredients in a bowl while frying pan is heating up. When the mix is less lumpy, pour batter in frying pan. I use a non-stick green frying pan so, it only needs a mist of coconut oil or PAM. Then, let it cook 10 minutes on one side, then flip for another 10-15 minutes over medium heat.  When you see the pancake edges and middle is brown, then serve with a huge mug of "Java"... Enjoy!



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