Did you gain weight over the holidays?

Did you gain weight over the holidays?   I did!!   I gained 4 pounds in four weeks!!  Sunday morning weigh-in

Every Sunday morning, I weigh myself and record it (like most of us who are neurotic) to monitor my weight. On December 13, 2015 I weighed 144 lbs, then four weeks later, following Christmas and New Year's, I weighed 148 lbs on January 3, 2016.  As you can see in the above picture, one week later (January 10, 2016) I am down 1.6 lbs, weighing in at 146.4 lbs.

What did I change? Well, since my exercise level and intensity was the same...I had to reduce my daily caloric intake, so I removed the peanut butter powder out of my diet. Although it is considered a good source of protein & fat, one tablespoon is 55 calories. So, by eliminating one thing (scoop of peanut  butter per day) I lowered my intake by at least 100 calories (for 5 days= total is 500 calories).

Tough Talk: Weight Management is all about NUMBERS! There is NO quick, fad diet that will promote and guarantee lifetime and healthy weight loss. Sometimes, all you need to do, is eliminate one or two things from your diet and you can start seeing results.

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