Wake up with Determination

Wake up with Determination ...


AND Seize the Day with Satisfaction!!

Training with my brother, Bert, this morning. View our intense workout at:


OR Click on : https://wordpress.com/post/celestefit.wordpress.com/533

 Our Workout began with:

Warm-Up : jog around the track & simple agility drills (high knees, butt kicks, lunges etc)

  1. Running Grid then jump hurdle (3X)
  2. Pop-up Running grid then hurdle (3X)
  3. 25 - yard sprint (3X) 70%; 90% then 100%
  4. Timed 25-yd sprints  :  Bert 5.25    Celeste 5.94
  5. Timed 50-yd sprints:   Bert 10.35   Celeste 12.36
  6. More agility with Running Grid (high knees, jump-over burpees, etc.)
  7.  *** Tad Gormley RUN the stadium STAIRS (17min)



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