Secret in the Shoe


Warm-up : Jog around the Track & Agility drills (high knees, butt kicks, lunges, high kicks etc)

For Bert's (40th ) Birthday, he is getting Strength Shoes from me for Saturday morning workouts


To me: These shoes are invaluable for improving speed, agility, and vertical.

We can do our same routine...Start with:  Agility Ladder drills

  1. 25-yd sprints (70%, 90%, 100%)
  2. Timed 25-yd sprints
  3. Timed 50-yd sprints
  4. 40-yd drills including karoake, bunny hops, skips and zig-zag
  5.  Final 40-yd sprints (5X) 30 sec break between sprints


If you think you can, DO it AGAIN!

Wake up with Determination