Experience the CrossFit Craze..

Experience the CrossFit Craze..

Considered the "Super Bowl of Body Building and Fitness," the Olympia in Las Vegas this weekend (September 16-19) was phenomenal! This trip was a 50th birthday gift from my husband which included a weekend pass to the Expo (reminded me of Spring Break with a ton of muscle!) Night Show tickets for Mens' pre-judging and Fitness Routines/Finals, and I even put myself to the test and entered the Rhino CrossFit contest (It was BRUTAL!) Watch BELOW:

I won this event in my category, Masters' 45+ (by the hardest): AMRAP 5

4  DBall (75#)  over the shoulder  

1 jump 6'   Wall                            

1 10' Sprint

1 jump  6' Wall

The other events that I competed in:

  • Seated 100# Tire Pull (for time) for  100' pull
  • Yoke Carry AMRAP 4 (the yoke weighed 180#) add 100# for 20' / add 100# for 20'  *** At 380# I MAXED out!

I missed these events:

  • AMRAP 5 "BMU Ladder" - unbroken bar muscle-up
  • MAX Unbroken double unders (5 min)
  • AMRAP 8 "Thruster Ladder"


Celebrating 50 years and getting stronger..

Celebrating 50 years and getting stronger..

Ain't kids no more..