Part 3 of the BEST BOOTY-Building exercises 

Time to target the derrière in the final post of our three-part series on "The Best BOOTY - building exercises." Check out the video with our 2 fitness models (Lori and Mandy) as they demonstrate the standing lunge with dumbbells.  [wpvideo V41LnGOn] Starting Position for Stationary Lunges with dumbbells: Stand with legs hip-distance apart, toes pointed forward, back straight and a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing your sides. Take a big step forward, keeping upper body as straight as possible. Action:  Bend both knees lowering your body and back knee toward the floor, taking care to keep back straight (without leaning) and front knee in line with ankle ( Sit on that front foot heel) EXHALE: Straighten legs to starting position to complete one rep. Complete 15 reps on one side and then switch. 

** Special Instructions**

Make sure front knee does not cross past the line of the toes. Aim to bend knees no more than 90 degrees during lunge phase. 

Fun Variation include: TRX lunges (as demonstrated by Ellen) Challenge yourself not to touch the floor with your working leg. This movement targets glutes, quads and core. Try 10 reps on each leg. 

Well, this concludes our 3 part series on the BEST BOOTY-Building Exercises. Please be sure that if you're going to try these exercises, warm up properly and begin with just body weight and, gradually, add the extra resistance (dumbbells, barbell or kettle bell) 

As always, keep fit @ CelesteFit! 

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