Personal Best at the Tri Fitness Contest


AMAZING! Athletes from around the world competed this past weekend (June 1 -2, 2018) in an intense, grueling test of strength, endurance and will. And I am proud to be in that number!!




Thank you to Al Rosen, our coach and driving force of this tremendous organization. And many thanks & big hugs to Bernadette Schimnowski-Rosen, the creative talent and unfailing support system for all of us, athletes. 

Like myself, each and every athlete pushed their body to the MAX, striving for their BEST PR. 

My Fitness Skill Results:

  • Obstacle Course: 65 seconds (PR last year was 59 sec)
  • Shuttle Run : 38.6 seconds (BEST PR)
  • BOX jumps : 1 min 16 sec (PR last year was 50 sec)
  • True Grit : 1 min 54 sec (PR last year was 1 min 52 sec
  • Bench Press (85#) completed 50 reps (BEST PR in 3 years)

Overall, the contest was a success, an explosive feeling of accomplishment because you know you achieved your Personal Best!

Backyard Workout

Backyard Workout

Rocked the Bench Press