Time to RETIRE my running shoes

Well, it was obvious to me that last Saturday when I ran through the outdoor obstacle course, my right foot began throbbing, particularly around the arch. Basically, my feet were coming through the sole, scraping the ground with no padding for impact.

So, I went on an athletic shoe hunt, trying on all brands with the intention to find a minimalist shoe that is extremely lightweight and good traction for climbing walls and jumping hurdles. This will be my racing shoe, so I want a good-fitting shoe with some support, and a pointed toe box for quick feet though the running grid.

Most racing shoes weigh a little over 5 ounces. I did find a few shoes for less than 5 oz like

New Balance Women's WR00v2 Minimus (weight: 4.5 oz)

But again, the shoe box has to be narrow to move and cut quickly on the course.

Most of these New Balance Minimalist shoes are made with Vibram outsoles which is an innovative rubber that grips any surface. It feels good on your feet, but I was looking for more treads.

So, I tried the Saucony Track and Field shoe with flat soles ( on sale $39.99). They run small, but they are functional for both the obstacles and sprinting. Although I hate to hang up my trusty old racing shoes, I am trying these new Saucony's W Shay XC4 Flat (weight 4.8 oz)

This is how it stands on the course: A WINNER!




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